Launch your startup in the cloud

We help you to start your business cloud-native at low costs with full automation and the highest security standards in mind.


Properly configured, cloud-native infrastructure enables compliance with security standards like ISO 27001 while keeping operational overhead low.


Startups especially benefit from the cloud’s easy and cost-effective scaling capabilities, which provide a solid foundation for your growing business.


Automate your entire cloud and deployment infrastructure for fast release cycles and cost-efficient state-of-the-art development methods.

Reduce costs

The heart of your infrastructure platform is the CI/CD environment. It enables regular, continuous deployments as well as the complete automation of all release processes such as automated testing. We support you in the selection of suitable tools and platforms and use established SaaS products or self-hosted solutions in your cloud environment.

Prepare for team growth

A lightning-fast development environment based on few but efficient tools helps your team to focus primarily on generating business value. As your team grows, onboarding new team members becomes a breeze and enables people to be productive within hours.

Start cloud-native

We help architect your cloud infrastructure to enable rapid MVPs and highly secure, scalable production environments. We consistently use the infrastructure-as-code approach to ensure benefits such as versioning and easier understanding for your team.

Use shared knowledge

We use Extreme Programming techniques such as Pair Programming to ensure that no knowledge silo is created in the first place and work closely with your team in all our activities. This ensures a fast and close exchange of relevant knowledge and allows us to respond to questions immediately.

Train your team

The most advanced development infrastructure is of no use without the appropriate mindset within the team. In the role of a Fractional CTO, establishing cutting-edge development techniques is also at the forefront, enabling your team to maximize the full potential of the infrastructure.

Your benefits


AWS Certified Solution Architect

We are certified professionals with many years of practical experience in cloud computing.


Highest security standards

We are constantly guided by the most modern security standards for cloud computing environments.


Hands-on approach

Hardly any PowerPoint slides, but lots of technical input: we stand for a hands-on style.


State-of-the-art development methods

We lay the groundwork for interdisciplinary, high-performing teams.


Learning culture

We share our knowledge as one of the most important resources for autonomous teams.


English or German communication

We offer all our services in English and/or German.

How it works

We refer to our approach as hands-on consulting. Together with you and your team, we show you easy-to-implement strategies to build your business cloud-native right from the start. We help you to implement a secure and scalable infrastructure platform with proof of concepts and architecture designs based on the latest best practice.

Our services typically include topics such as:

  • Build accurate understanding of the business case
  • Getting to know the team and the individual skills and areas of responsibility of each person
  • Overview of possibly already existing infrastructure and software systems
  • Outline of a customized cloud-based solution
  • Pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of various possible solutions
  • Implementation as a production-ready proof of concept
  • Intensive training of the team and handover of all relevant materials
  • Q&A for follow-up questions

Let's get startet!

Lay the foundation for your worry-free scalable business with state-of-the-art technologies, efficient development methods and interdisciplinary team setups. Let’s get in touch for a first chat.

Falko Burghausen

Falko Burghausen


Falko’s extensive knowledge in building scalable software systems and teams, cloud computing and leadership principles helps you to find the best possible solution for your business case.