Our story

Why nexgeneerz

Our professional world is changing at lightning speed nowadays. Every day, new products are launched and revolutionary technologies are introduced – without regard for the consequences. However, we are convinced that for companies to be successful in the long term, it is of utmost importance to act in an economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable manner to be able to meet the challenges of our time. And that this success is significantly linked to the people who make a company what it is. We believe that a toolbox of critical questioning, the willingness to change, and interdisciplinary action is the way to go. That is why we have developed nexgeneerz as a platform to support the technical leaders of today and tomorrow. To do this, we make our extensive knowledge available to them so that they can drive change and avoid the mistakes of previous generations.

Who is nexgeneerz

More than 15 years in the IT industry have left their traces. The countless important and helpful experiences have made us realize how unprepared and naive people often are when it comes to dealing with predictable challenges and evident changes in the professional environment.

Instead of just watching and thinking about a better and more sustainable work environment, we are taking matters into our own hands – together with you.

A changing world

Our professional world will change massively in the upcoming years. Events that are already enormous challenges in themselves will overlap and become even more complex.

  • The baby boomers are leaving the job market and the shortage of skilled workers is intensifying.
  • The climate crisis calls for ever greater changes in the way we live, which will also affect our work lives.
  • Social tensions are increasing due to growing inequality between rich and poor.
  • The educational level of today’s children and youth is declining and a sustainable solution is currently not in sight.
  • Large parts of the population are already technologically cut off and have no chance of surviving in a labour market designed for digitalisation and automation.

Emerging technologies around artificial intelligence will exacerbate these challenges.

It’s your turn

As leaders in the technology industry, it is your task and responsibility to know, understand and actively influence these challenges. Even if the problems go far beyond your own area of expertise.

To do this, you have to throw overboard traditions that are only kept out of habit and pave the way for progressiveness and change. In doing so, you are bound to encounter resistance, walls of hollow promises and the limits of narrow horizons. At nexgeneerz you will find the tools to set new standards in the world of work – through technology that opens doors and a living work culture without buzzwords.

Falko Burghausen
aws certified solutions architect associate
aws certified solutions architect professional

Falko Burghausen

Over the past 15 years, Falko has built up extensive experience in a wide variety of roles as Software Engineer and Technical Leader with several years as CTO in a Swiss Healthtech Startup.

A progressive and sustainable approach that continuously incorporates technological, economic, ecological and social aspects into the work process is a common thread running through his working and living style. In doing so, he has worked intensively on a wide range of topics related to software development and architecture, cloud computing, product development, leadership, recruiting and culture, and has repeatedly stumbled upon inefficient, high-cost processes and thought patterns. He is a strong advocate of lean and modern working methods with an entrepreneurial approach based on pragmatism, realism and a focus on outcomes.

The breathtaking landscapes of the Alps or Scandinavia represent a sporting and photographic balance for him and have become both the center of his life and a regular workation destination.